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Our Deacons ministry is a supporting ministry to our Pastor. Perfect confidence should exist between our Pastor and Deacons within the church. Deacons ensure a more effective witness in the church by providing leadership, promoting harmony among members, and securing the welfare of the church, its members, and auxiliaries. This is accomplished through spiritual, faithful, and humble service—which enables our Pastor to be free for more pressing duties.
Leadership: Elbert Roach
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Leadership: Tawana Johnson
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Our Mothers ministry is to lovingly assist with the communion service, female baptismal preparation, and visitation of the sick and bereaved. They are also committed to empowering women and girls to become Proverbs 31 women of balanced living by mentoring and providing educational programs, holding evangelistic meetings, and teaching bible studies.
Leadership: Kim Risby
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Our Ushers minister to members and visitors with their attitude, smile, and gracious greeting as a “welcome” to First Baptist Church. As ambassadors for our church they set the tone of the congregation as they meet, greet, and seat our members and guests. Ushers assist our Pastor and staff as they maintain order and reverence and to lead by example.

Leadership: Debbie Pumphrey
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