First Baptist Church has a long and prosperous history in the Murfreesboro community. An offspring of First Baptist Church at 200 E Main Street, First Baptist Church has been in existence since its humble beginnings in 1853.
Originally located on the corner of Sevier Street and Spring Street, First Baptist Church has been at its current location at 738 E Castle Street since 1953. The original structure, which is now the “Rev. R.W. Gordon Fellowship Hall,” included a banquet hall, office space, kitchen, bathrooms and storage.  A new addition was completed in 1975 and included six classrooms and the pastor’s study.
The newer structure (built in 2003) seats approximately 675 congregants in the sanctuary and includes a music room, cry room, baptism pool, offices, library, and computer room.  The original structure is now used for bible study, social gatherings, and as an overflow during service.
From 1853 to 1962, there were 35 pastors to serve First Baptist Church. This includes Rev. Nelson Grover Merry, Rev. Napoleon Bonaparte Frierson, Rev. R.T. Sanders, Rev. Grady G. Donald and Rev. B. C. Gaudeaux among others.
Rev. Richard Willis Gordon, a native of Owensboro, Kentucky, became our Pastor in 1962. During his tenure at First Baptist Church, God gave him the vision to build the new structure. On December 31, 2003 after seeing the vision become reality, Pastor Gordon announced to the membership he would be retiring after 43 years of spiritual leadership at First Baptist Church.
Pastor Gordon in his sermons prepared the congregation for the transition. He admonished the congregation to enter a season of consecrated prayer and to seek God’s guidance in determining the next leader.  By divine guidance from the Lord, Rev. James M. McCarroll, Jr. preached his first sermon July 17, 2006.
Pastor McCarroll is a leader, servant, preacher, teacher, world traveler and highly educated gentleman and native of Nashville, Tennessee. His goals and objectives are challenges which are accepted and inspire the membership to reach new heights for God’s glory.  The membership burned the mortgage on the church in  May, 2018.
Under the leadership of Pastor McCarroll our grace filled journey is assuming an intimate family character. Our mission statement places emphasis on uplifting and strengthening individuals in Christian faith.
From a tiny acorn to a mighty oak, under the leadership of Rev. James M. McCarroll Jr. “the best is yet to come.”